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I'm Becca

A life-long lover and owner of working breeds, my passion for gundogs was ignited in my early years. I was lucky enough to always have working bred dog's in my life and this led me on the path to become a dog trainer in my mid twenties. 


In 2017, I built my Dog Walking and Home-boarding business on Gundog breeds that lived as pets. Serving the local community with focused training walks for their 'self employed' gundogs and learning to build bonds with the dogs through gundog training exercises.  

Bringing learning and fun to your dog training, based on your dog's needs as a breed, makes perfect sense. I take great pride and pleasure in mentoring you through your training  journey. 

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Meet the team


Aggie, our black Labrador, who joined the gang in the summer of 2020, She is commonly known as "Prancer" when you see her out you know why. A great dog that loves dogging in, beating and being a demo dog. Simulation days are her favourite. She has an on-point head tilt for photos too. 


Delta came to us at 16 months with some lovely basics. She's a super steady spaniel (sometimes too steady) and loves to be out training, on the beating line and snuggled on a lap. A pleasure to take anywhere, she is the sweetest girl. I am looking forward to developing our training.


Eska joined us in 2021. A welcome addition to the Dovemoor pack. She is trained by our youngest Daughter (13) and aids Ava, being a great support dog for her medical needs and more.  Ava and Eska entered a mock test and won in 2023. Their bond is evident in training and at home.

Past Team Members

Dottie springer spaniel puppy looking up




Training equipment

Field and Fireside offer all the training equipment you need for our sessions. Click the link below to head to our Dovemoor training pack shop where you'll find packs containing the things you'll need for our sessions (don't worry, it opens in a new window so you won't lose your place here!)

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