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Dovemoor Christmas Bingo

Handlers have found these super helpful throughout the year so here's a Christmas special to add some fun to your training over the holidays.

Take your time to build up duration, distraction and distance on some of these exercises. You can make changes easily to all, it's just providing some fun ideas that you can use in the house and on your walks. For example try capturing a photo of your dog in a down by your local village Christmas tree if you've managed it easily in the house.

Can you juggle sprouts? What about carrrots or parsnips?

If you don't want your dog to retrieve wrapping paper try something else? A Christmas cracker? A bottle bag? A card? A Christmas themed toy?

Don't worry about them eating the carrot instead of retrieving it.. you can aim to work on this skill slowly.

If you manage to get pictures or videos we would love to see them. Send them too or tag us @dovemoor on social media.

Have fun and wishing you a Merry Christmas from team Dovemoor.

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