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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

How often do you plan or reflect on your training sessions?

I am finding it increasingly important to keep a track of my training, especially with 3 dogs, with different goals. One tool i love using is video recording my sessions and reflecting on them afterwards. Unfortunately, i don't always have a camera person available or want to take a tripod out with me and 3 dogs.

After an online session with the Ladies Working Dog Group, where planning training sessions to set ourselves and our dogs up for success was discussed, i decided to make a start.

I took the step and began recording my sessions, with pen and paper post training. I have found it really beneficial, now I can reflect on my sessions, decide what is working, what isn't and move my training forward. This has really aided my training and keeping track of my dogs progress.

The planning part was a little trickier, i had great ideas but too many to put on paper and struggled to stick to the plan i had laid out. I then decided to cut myself some slack and focus on smaller steps with each of the dogs. This is where i designed a simple monthly planner that was printable and i could keep electronic copies too.

The first steps i want you to think about are your main goals of the month, followed by 1 or 2 goals on your walks and 1 or 2 goals for formal training sessions.

There is no reason why you couldn't take your planning sheet to your 1:1 training sessions and discuss with your trainer.

Jot your ideas down and put them into practice on the field.

Becca dog handler with Bracken black cocker spaniel sat at heel

So, if you are looking to add more success to your 2022 training click on the button below for free access to my Monthly Planner. Make planning your training resolution this New Year.

Download Monthly Plan (2022)
Download PDF • 168KB

To keep a track of your training throughout the month check out Dovemoor's Training Journal available from Amazon now.


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