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Training Journal

Using a journal can really help you keep tabs on your training journey. The days where it seems tough to rouse ideas for a session or to track your individual progress in class or 1:1 sessions.

Becca designed an easy to use journal for Dovemoor handlers to be able to use post session. Tracking their progress and having ideas to hand to help individual goals.

It can help even more if you have more than 1 dog and at varying levels.

The pages are designed for you to reflect on a training session, note what you'd like to carry forward and decide if there is something you want to ditch from your training sessions or get more help understanding.

Becca recommends taking a few minutes post session or class, to sit in the car and jot notes down from training, while it's still fresh in your mind.

From a personal point of view, I find it a really useful tool to see my own progress with handling skills. I spent a lot of time giving out too many commmads at once, when this was highlighted in my 'Do less of section' numerous times I decided to make changes and it helped me a lot. We all find habits hard to break but reflecting and taking action, while tracking progress, really helps in your future training sessions.

You can purchase the Dovemoor Gundog Training Journal from Amazon

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