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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Sometimes our training can exceed our expectations, something i thought would be rather useful in our training drills and working in the field in the future, shot me in the foot when we took our fabulous tech guy out training with us last Friday.

Aggie black labrador with pink whistle in mouth

Picture this.... two handsome gundogs sat perfectly still, surrounded by magnificent moorland scenery, awaiting the call of their master, strategically placed behind the camera man. Whistle ready and blow...... 4 pips and one dog came hurtling towards us full speed, while the other sat stock steady.

A look of confusion flashed across my face before realisation hit me that i'd managed to make an exercise backfire on me.


The fact that the day before i had taught the dogs to recall on individual whistle pitches! Yes, that's right, one session of pulling them in one by one on their individual whistle pitch, had already sunk in.

Aggie is on a 211.5 Acme whistle and Bracken a 210.5 Acme whistle. I thought this would be great for in the field when i needed to recall in one dog over the other. I didn't expect it to happen and be proofed that well so soon. I really underestimate my dogs sometimes....

Maybe i will have a rethink of the benefits and drawbacks of this grand idea I had.

Have you had any times when your training exceeded your expectations? Or where an exercise you thought would work in one way backfired in another?


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