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About Me


A life-long lover and owner of working breeds, my passion for gundogs was ignited in my early years. I was lucky to always have dogs in my life, a Belgium Shepherd cross was a constant companion and looking back taught me much about loyalty and their intrinsic behaviours to guard and herd. Labs, Collies, Patterdales, Jack Russell’s and Spaniels played a part too, as did a variety of other pets including goats, rabbits and ponies. These memories fuelled a desire to own my own gundog and so along came Bracken, and a pathway into the world of Gundog Training.

My dog walking business brought me many gundog breeds with missing manners and plenty of unwanted behaviours. The desire to help these dogs and their owners began to develop into a need to pursue further education and look at the different styles of training out there. From this, I have grown my knowledge and experience, embarking on a journey to teach owners how to build positive relationships with their dogs. Helping them understand the dog in front of them, supporting their training and celebrating their success.

Dog handler in training field with dog sat on lead at heal

Based on the North and West Yorkshire border near Ilkley, Dovemoor caters for owners with gundog breeds that predominantly live as pets. Understanding the need for a welcoming place for people to learn about their breeds and train regardless of if you will be working your dog in the field or just want a well-behaved family pet. Becca trains her own dogs to be able to do both.

Dovemoor takes great pride and pleasure in supporting your training journey either in a class or 1 to 1 session. Mentored by Becca, you are in safe hands in getting to understand your dogs behaviours and what makes them tick.  Years of experience caring for a variety of breeds, particularly gundog breeds, in her home, Becca understood the need to educate owners about why their dogs showed particular behavioural issues linked to the breed. Armed with knowledge and experience on how to meet your dogs needs, Becca will guide you along the way. Building bonds with the dogs in her care based on trust and mutual respect.

Bracken balck cocker spaniel carrying a bird

Dovemoor developed into a passion for helping owners understand their dogs behaviour and mentor them through their foundation training journey. Ensuring owners can train at their own pace, Becca provides a friendly space to help you with your training. Teaching you how to instil basic manners and training skills, in and out of the home, while you build a positive relationship with your dog. Helping you understand the dog in front of you, supporting your training requirements and celebrating your success along the way. Becca works part time dog training, while raising a family and enjoying time training and working her own dogs. She is also a qualified coach, offering remote and in person coaching for dog handlers with building training plans. 

  • Level 3 in Canine Training & Behaviour (Open College Network.)

  • Level 3 in Canine Studies (Open College Network.) 

  • British College of Canine Studies - Behaviour,.

  • Trained and Mentored by Lez Graham and was APGI

  • Puppy Training, Nutrition, Holistic canine care, Behaviour and Canine Body Language. (Centre of Excellence.)

  • SIRIUS Dog Training Growl class (Ian Dubar.)

  • SIRIUS 4 day Dog Trainer Academy. (Ian Dunbar)

  • Daniel Couttes, Natural Dog Nutrition and Wellbeing.

  • Pet First Aid Training.

  • Trainer status at The Guild of Dog Trainers.

  • Featured Expert Ladies Working Dog Group

  • Life Coach 

  • Breathwork Practitioner 

  • Counselling Student 

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