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Classes with your Gundog breed

Attending classes with your Gundog breed is an essential part of your skill set. For your dog, learning to take turns, increased distractions and building confidence as a team. Testing your skills as an owner and sharing the highs and lows of your training with others makes for a wonderful couple of hours with your dog.

My favourite aspect of teaching classes is to watch handlers blossom in confidence with the support of their peers. The gasps of delight from your class mates in succeeding an exercise or the shoulder of support when things go a little awol.

Whether you are training for fun, competition or the shooting field, attending classes can be a huge benefit for your team.

We work with young dogs and above, helping get your journey started with a warm, friendly welcome and private training ground.

Classes are kept small to ensure you get the best from the session and we cover homework before you leave class. It can help to bring a journal with you or pop notes into your phone at the end of the session.

If you are looking to join a class we have our spring dates available! Not sure which class you should be in? Then drop Becca an email via the contact page or you can book a pre class assessment via the website or app.

Please keep a look out on our events and service pages to see what's happening at Dovemoor this Spring!



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