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Lacking inspiration in your training?

We had an idea!

Sometimes we have so much going on in our lives and so many things to accomplish in training we can lack direction or inspiration for sessions.

Many of our owners are looking for exercises they can add into their daily walks without having to take lots of equipment out with them, so Becca designed an online programme available on the go via the Spaces app linked to Dovemoor.

Becca has started off with a Bronze programme to give access to foundational training exercises that are easy to add to your dogs daily exercise. They can be used in the home or out on walks.

When you buy the programme you have access to a private online group, where you can share videos, pictures, concerns and successes. You can also get inspiration from others following the programme, seeing how they may have adapted exercises or extended them.

Becca will also add more videos here for extending and increasing complexity.

We love that Spaces by WiX app allows you to access our online programmes on the go!

Each step has written instructions, hints, tips and a video to back up the training instructions. There is also a feedback section once you complete a step and you can share on the group or in social media.

In section 8 you can access a copy of a page from out of our training journal, you can save and print them out to help keep a track of your progress or you can purchase one of our journals from Amazon or Becca for £5.00. That way you have a handy A5 jotter to keep a record of your journey.

You will have access to the programme and videos for 6 months (subject to change) At the end of the programme you will gain a certificate and badge.

Our Silver and Gold programmes are in development as I write. So keep your eyes peeled for those and more advance exercises in the series.

You can join our programme here

If you struggle gaining access please message Becca via chat, WhatsApp or email.

Joined our online programmes and want to share your success, you can tag us in social media posts to add to our stories and inspire other handlers.

Remember to have fun with your dogs and set them up to succeed.

Becca x

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